Privacy policy & Terms of Use

1. Accounting information. Your accounting and invoicing is stored in a separate file (the ”accounting file”). You yourself chose the name and location of this file when you first saved it to disk. Additionally, macOS may create autosaved caches of your file on your local hard drive.


2. Troubleshooting. If you run into problems we may ask you for your accounting file to be able to reproduce the problem and/or repair the file. All accounting information is treated confidentially and removed once the issue is resolved.


3. User forum. Your password for the user forum is only stored in ”salted” form, which means that if we have a breach the original password can’t be recovered. We still recommend that you use a unique password for our user forum.


4. External connections. Economacs may connect to the Internet in three different situations:


    a. At startup and at regular intervals during use Economacs will connect securely to Apple via our server to verify your subscription. No accounting information is transferred.


    b. The feature for verifying VAT registration numbers connects to the EU-VIES system. Your VAT # and the VAT # you are verifying is transferred.


    c. The feature for getting currency exchange rates connects to ECB servers. No accounting information is transferred.